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“I work with opacity and transparency. Tactility and texture are important ingredients in my work. It literally feels as the embodiment of a visual contest between opposition and unity. A principle I have embraced from the early beginnings in my paintings and drawings. On the one hand I may vary with decisive brushstrokes, which I inherited from my rigorous training in Chinese brush techniques, but on the other hand be seduced by subtle tonal gradients. What works best for me is the opposition of graphical and pictorial painting, which I combine in a never ending adventure. I have no boundaries when it comes to using materials or techniques and I find it challenging to see how I can unify water and oil based media.

The very essence of my work is of course the visual transformation. When I work with the human figure, I love to play with forms that reveal the mechanics and the deeper structure of the body. I have tendency in reaching into the different layers of the body, painting or drawing even what is on the other side or what is not immediately revealed by the eye but only known to the mind. Having studied constructive anatomy and masters like Burne Hogaert and Georges Bridgeman, reveals to me an enormous playground to expand my creativity.

I love to deconstruct forms in my mind and to reassemble them again on canvas, playfully forgetting parts along the way. In my portraits I am fascinated on how I can render anonymity and a subtle suggestion of classic aesthetics combined with a non-conformed visual language. The same idea goes for my landscapes where abstract depth and confusing planes puzzles the spectator. I often paint a form partially in order to trigger a figurative context without telling what it really is. Thus creating a visual language nobody fully understands but anyone can feel, is a marvelous experience.“


Bart Stouten
Bart Stoutendichter en radioproducent bij Klara
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EEN UITJE NAAR DE VERGETEN CONTINENTEN VAN DE GEEST  Dit uitmuntend grafisch portfolio van Rainier Boidin heeft als vertrekpunt een gevoelig geobserveerde, haast wetenschappelijk bestudeerde werkelijkheid. Toch is die werkelijkheid enkel een aanleiding, nergens een problematische of opdringerige obstructie. Inzet is vooral de doorwerking van Boidins natuurtalent naar een hoogst veelkantige, avontuurlijke stijl die zich

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A TRIP TO THE MIND’S FORGOTTEN CONTINENTS This exquisite graphic portfolio of Rainier Boidin starts from a sensitively observed, almost scientifically studied reality. Still, that reality is only an occasion; it is never a problematic or intrusive obstruction. The main theme is the transformation of Boidin’s born talent into an extremely versatile, adventurous style, which

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EXPLORATION DES CONTINENTS OUBLIÉS DE L’ESPRIT Le point de départ de cet extraordinaire portfolio graphique de Rainier Boidin est une réalité observée avec sensibilité et de façon presque scientifique. Cette réalité n’est cependant qu’une impulsion et en aucun cas une obstruction problématique ou envahissante. Le thème central est surtout l’épanouissement du talent inné de Rainier

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