C O N T E M P O R A RY     A R T  –  O N G O I N G    P R O J E C T S


In my portraits I am fascinated on how I can render anonymity and a subtle suggestion of classic aesthetics combined with a non-conformed visual language.

FIGURES - 2021

When I work with the human figure, I love to play with forms that reveal the mechanics and the deeper structure of the body. I have tendency in reaching into the different layers of the body, painting or drawing even what is on the other side or what is not immediately revealed by the eye but only known to the mind.

recent abstract landscapes on paper - 2020

The same idea goes for my landscapes where abstract depth and confusing planes puzzles the spectator. I often paint a form partially in order to trigger a figurative context without telling what it really is. Thus creating a visual language nobody fully understands but anyone can feel, is a marvelous experience.“


These are my latests works. Most of the time, these works fit into ongoing projects or are experiments where I explore new techniques, insights and possibilities.

on the sidetrack of things
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