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This page SHOWS selected works & SERIES

GRAPHIC WORK 1986 -1993

MYTHOS SERIES: 7 giant sized linocuts, mainly  inspired on Greek mythology (size around 700 to 800 cm x 200 cm / 275 to 314 inches x 79 inches)

I went 7 years to the art academies in Brussels and Antwerp. During that period, I made a serie of giant sized linocuts. One linocut is +/- 16 square metres. It took me mostly one year to achieve one work.  Greek gods like Eros, Pan, Icarus, the fall of the Titans, Hecate, Thanatos, … are the themes that did inspired me at that time. 

1991 academy Antwerp – Eros, linocut manually printed on canvas (600cm x 200cm / 236 inches x 78 inches)

graphic work & ink on Chinese paper 1994 - 2000

series of lithographies and ink on Chinese paper

I studied 5 years under the mentorship of Tsu Tao and learned to master the Chinese brush technique and the traditional Chinese themes. 



left: 40cm x 60cm – right: 60cm x 80cm – combination of ink & pencil on Chinese paper

figures on paper 2000 -2008

series of figures  – ink on Chinese paper 70cm x 100cm

Abstraction 2008 - 2012

series of abstract landscapes and various themes 70cm x 100cm

portraits & figures on canvas 2012 - 2017

series: oil on canvas 90cm x 180cm

portraits on (prepared) paper 2016

series: oil on paper 70cm x 100cm