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But what I find most impressive in this entire process is the fact that Rainier Boidin continuously asks himself about the employed medium’s ‘raison d’être’. He does so by joining elements from the hemispheres of water colors and oils; by leaning towards Chinese and Japanese calligraphic techniques, which allow him to operate zen elements and utilize Indian ink’s unmatched precision. Whatever combinations he puts to the fore, you will always be amazed that a drawing can have the same substantiality as a landscape painting or a portrait. I therefore firmly hold the opinion that Rainier Boidin’s work is a treasure house of discovery, which leads to the most far of continents – not only to the continents of our planet, but also to the less frequently visited continents of our own mind.

Bart Stouten


Series “LEGS” 180cm x 90cm – oil on canvas


• Poetry

1994 – poetry “Zwart” published by Oranje (64 p)
2001 – poetry “De dood slaapt nog als ik opsta” published by P (48 p)
2006 – haiku “ Minuscuul” published by the author (30 p)

• Catalogues

2009 “The flavour of ink”
2010 catalogue ” Rainier Boidin” (drawing, oil on canvas, graphic work, watercolour)
2011 “Tracing the unknown”
2013 “Trace of Oblivion”
2013 “Aquarel, figuur en portret”
2013 “Paintings, the flavour of ink”
2013 “Mixed media on paper”
2013 “Drawings, tracing the unknown”

• Artistic (didactic) books (language: dutch)
2002 – 2004 “Composition, unity in opposition”
2005 “The dynamics of line and shape”
2006 “Rhythm, variety in repetition”
2010 “The dynamics of line and shape” – “De dynamiek van lijn en vlak” – reviewed and expanded, published by Tirion publisher

• illustration

2002: Sapporo blues – kimi ga hoshii van Bart Souten 



1989 – group exhibition: Galerie Maison des Beaux Arts, Paris – France
1990 – group exhibition: Young Art in Flanders , Kortrijk
1991 – participation project “Bunker”, Antwerp
1992 – group exhibition: “10 x Graphics” A. Demedtshuis, St. Baafs Vijve
1992 – group exhibition. Gallery Boat, Tielrode
1994 – group exhibition. “Graphics from Europe “, c.c. De Markten, Brussels
1994 – duo exhibition (with Guy Claessens, jewelry & sculptures) “ c.c. The Dance of Hekate and Hephaestus” , Schaarbeek
1995 – 5 individual exhibitions “De ronde van Vlaanderen voor kunstenaars” : c.c. Oudenaarde, Zwevegem, Eeklo, Ninove, St. Niklaas
1997 – group exhibition.- “30 year Graphics”, Brussels
1998 – solo exhibition – Gallery Embryo, Leuven
1998 – solo exibition cc. Kapelle-op-den-bos
1998 – individual exhibition.- Provincial museum “Humbeek – Piron”, Leuven
1999 – duo exhibition (with Tjok Dessauvage): Gallery Wijland, Koksijde
1999 – duo exhibition (with Rene De Wolf): Gallery Group 2, Brussels
2001 – solo exhibition: Gallery Francis Van Hoof, Puurs
2008 – duo exihibition (with Stefan Hemeleers, sculptures), cc. Kapelle-op-den-bos
2009 – duo exhibition (with Stefan Hemeleers), cc den blank, overijse
2011 – solo exihibition – Brussels Parlement , Brussels  – “Trace of oblivion” (presentation “Beminde eilanden”, Bart Stouten . )
2012 – duo exibition (with Stefan Hemeleers), cc De Camme, Steenokkerzeel
2012 – group exibition (with Carine Neutjens, Staf Daems) ES Gallery, Nijlen
2016 – group exhibition – “kunst in het kantfabriek”, curator Gilbert Putteman (deelnemende kunstenaars zijn Rainier Boidin, Ulrike Bolenz, Matine Bossuyt, Nadine Callebaut, Christoph Fink, Ann Van Hoey, Benoit Van Innis, Wannes Lecompte, Johan Van Mullem, Pauline Ohrel, Panamarenko, Guy Rombouts, Willy De Sauter, Bela Silva, Filip Sterckx, Catherine Thiry, Dany Tulkens. )


1979 – 1985: High shool (Atheneum – Sint-Pieters-Woluwe – option, science)
1982 – 1989: Art school: BENK, St. Pieters Woluwe – General Artistic Formation
1989 – 1997: Rhok – Etterbeek – several disciplines (live model drawing, oil painting, graphics, ect…)
1985 – 1989: Art school: St. Lukas, Brussels – degree: Graphics

1989 – 1992: Art school: High Institute, Antwerp – masters degree: Graphics

1990 – 1992: Art school: High Institute, Antwerp – specialization degree: Drawing human figure

1994 – 1997: Chinese painting (teacher: Su Tao)

1996 – 1997: Art school: RHOK, Brussels – Lithography
1996 – 1997: Belgian Institute for Higher Chinese Studies, Brussels – Chinese calligraphy, (teacher: R. Simonet-Lin)
Since 1994: teaching watercolour and drawing at the Portaelsschool for arts in Vilvoorde

2009 – 2011: forging precious metals and jewellery
2010 – 2011: forging cources Academy Antwerp



1986: 2nd price, International graphics competition – Dommelhof Neerpelt
1988: first mention, Competition for visual arts and Graphics – Harelbeke
1990 – 1991: Prices Verrept and Doutrelon the Try, National Higher Institute for Arts, Antwerp
1991: 2nd price, Jacques De Leger competition, Brussels
1992: 3rd price, International graphics competition, Bruges
1992: honorable mention, Anto Diez competition, Bredene
1994: 3rd price, Jacques De Leger competition, Brussels1994: price province Brabant, Kortenberg
1997: first mention, Jacques De Leger competition, Brussels
1997: selection Joris Minne drawing competition

At this point, I decided I would award myself 😉 


Bart Stouten

Bart Stouten: A trip to the mind’s forgotten continents

A TRIP TO THE MIND’S FORGOTTEN CONTINENTS This exquisite graphic portfolio of Rainier Boidin starts from a sensitively observed, almost scientifically studied reality. Still, that reality is only an occasion; it is never a problematic or intrusive obstruction. The main theme is the transformation of Boidin’s born talent into an extremely versatile, adventurous style, which

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Trace of oblivion
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Mixed media on paper
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Rainier Boidin
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Tracing the unknown
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